Relax Assess

This programme prepares the tissue for treatment and is useful in the treatment of pain.  Its other important function in two of the devices, Pro Sport 111 and Pro Sport Ultra, is that it can assess the priority areas to treat.



Blue Relax

This programme is useful for relaxation of the tissues, pain relief and clearing blocked energy from scars. Like Relax Assess it can be used to assess priority areas to treat [only in Pro Sport 111]



This programme is the best for inflammation; commonly seen as swelling, redness, heat and pain and loss of movement.  


Stimulate Programmes

All 3 stimulate programmes are for pain relief.



Is suitable for older clients who typically have a slower detoxification system and potentially a more challenged physiology.


Deep Stim

Suitable to treat sports injuries where the person is in good physical shape and able to eliminate toxic build up such as lactic acid.


Blue Stim

Is used for pain relief and to accelerate wound healing. It increases the production of ATP and stimulates production of new blood vessels.


Acute 3:1

Generally this programme is used for acute pain ie immediately after an injury.



This the strongest programme for chronic pain. It stimulates oxygen starved muscles or blood starved connective tissue.  It can be used to assess the priority areas for treatment in Pro Sport 111.



This programme is used for vaso dilation and perfusion of blood into the tissues ie treating frostbite, restoring blood flow to scars and adhesions.


783 Harmonics

This programme cycles through the Schumann wave frequencies. Useful for grounding, speeding up healing of injuries [see Tour De France 2018]