Y Electrode


The most popular of the device attachments – this Y electrode has an 8″ handle making those hard to reach places accessible.  Works great on the face and on curved areas such as hands and feet. 

This is the tool of choice to execute the famous vagus nerve stimulation, also, revered for its cosmetic application.

Everyone serious about the use of the Avazzia should have a Y Electrode – it makes treatments so much more convenient.

Requires a Standard Leadwire to use

Y Electrode

$150.00 USD

Lead 4 pin to 2.5 mm standard plus

$15.00 USD

This is the lead that you will need to connect into a 4 pin port device and into your Y probe, pencil probe, brush, etc.

The Qi Wave™ generates a pulsed electromagnetic field with outputs that correspond to the pulsed input from an external stimulation source or frequency generator such as your Avazzia device.

By utilizing the QiWave pad patients enjoy increased ease of treatment, more effective and faster delivery of frequencies over the entire surface area of the body, frequency penetration of up to 12″ meaning the frequencies are delivered internally as well as externally for maximum health benefits.

The QiWave comes in two sizes 6″x 12″ or 12″x 18″

Low frequency PEMFs of even the weakest strengths pass right through the body, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ and even bone without being absorbed or altered (as a result of this, we can treat through solid casts)!

See the power of the Qi Wave below:

Qi Wave PEMF Pad 6 inch by 12 inch

$300.00 USD