SANA Pencil Electrode


The Sana Pencil Electrode was designed to fix the problems that everyone was having with Pencil Electrodes. A simple and sleek design, this pencil electrode ensures you won’t lose your grip.

The biggest improvements have been made on the head of the Pencil. The larger surface area allows for better distribution of current with limited pressure, and the materials used to seal the tip allow the use of conductive gel without risk of damaging the pencil itself. The smooth surface doesn’t scratch or catch on the skin, allowing for simple treatments with maximum comfort.

The Sana Pencil Electrode is useful for:

  • Stimulation of Acupuncture Points
  • Cosmetic and Pain management treatment of the face and eyes
  • Tracing Meridian Lines
  • Auriculotherapy work

Requires a standard lead wire to use (same wire as a Y Electrode and Face Electrode)

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