This electrode is ideally suited for treating yourself. This face electrode measuring just 2.5 cm x 1.9 cm which gives access to smaller and hard to reach areas such as face, fingers, ankles, feet and hands. Connections are Stereo or 4 pin Port. Popular facial electrode will work with either SCENAR or AVAZZIA products.  Avazzia products will require an adaptor lead. 

Face Electrode Health and Wellness Technology UK Accessories Face Electrode Face Electrode for BEST Devices

The NEW Face Electrode, custom made to work with Avazzia Machines without an adapter. The Face Electrode comprises of an electrode plate similar to that built into the back of the Avazzia device, but on a much smaller scale. The plate has full conductivity, is raised so that oils and creams will not erode the electrode’s circuitry (and enabling full 360 degree cleaning with Alcohol Swabs). The Electrode’s portal accepts the standard leadwire’s pin – so you can just plug it in and let it work!


This attachment fits in the hand beautifully, and it’s small size makes it useful for:

  • Cosmetic Treatments
  • Self Treatment
  • Little Wings
  • Vagus Nerve
  • Any Dosing Program (Three Pathways, Little Cross, Dragon’s Tail, etc.)
  • Fingers
  • Ankles
  • Between the Toes
  • Sinuses
  • Small hard-to-reach areas

And much, much more.

This attachment’s small size and huge flexibility make it one of the biggest must-have attachments next to the Y Electrode.

SANA Pencil Electrode


The Sana Pencil Electrode was designed to fix the problems that everyone was having with Pencil Electrodes. A simple and sleek design, this pencil electrode ensures you won’t lose your grip.

The biggest improvements have been made on the head of the Pencil. The larger surface area allows for better distribution of current with limited pressure, and the materials used to seal the tip allow the use of conductive gel without risk of damaging the pencil itself. The smooth surface doesn’t scratch or catch on the skin, allowing for simple treatments with maximum comfort.

The Sana Pencil Electrode is useful for:

  • Stimulation of Acupuncture Points
  • Cosmetic and Pain management treatment of the face and eyes
  • Tracing Meridian Lines
  • Auriculotherapy work

Requires a standard lead wire to use (same wire as a Y Electrode and Face Electrode)

Avazzia ViaQi for Microcurrent Devices

Health and Wellness Technology UK Accessories Pencil Electrode

Scalar Qi Tackles Chronic Pain Like Nothing Else

The latest technology from the makers of the Avazzia line of pain management devices, the ViaQi attaches directly to any of the Avazzia devices that has a 4-pin side port and harnesses the onboard algorithms to produce a pulsed electro magnetic field.

By utilizing the ViaQi device users can direct frequencies into acupuncture points, organ areas, scar tissue, and areas of pain for easy and effective treatment of the area.

The ViaQi emits these waves at distances of up to 12″ ensuring maximum penetration of the treatment site.

Low frequency PEMFs of even the weakest strengths pass right through the body, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ and even bone without being absorbed or altered (as a result of this, we can treat through solid casts and bandaged limbs, no skin contact is necessary)!

Includes wire to connect to an Avazzia device.

See this device in action >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

$1,200.00 USD    Plus Shipping

Item Number   HWT-A 205

HomeFloww Portable EMF Protection

The homeFloww®-set is a balanced system of five parts which are placed in specific areas of the house. The system converts the electromagnetic radiation from devices in and around your home into biological, natural body frequencies.

The homeFloww® set has been developed to support and maintain the natural energy of humans, animals and plants in homes charged with radiation. Floww® Health Technology does not fight the existing radiation, but uses it instead. The radiation is, as it were, transformed, converted. A Floww® product consists of a circuit of small electronic components. Floww® Health Technology responds to radiation emitted from one or more sources of radiation, such as mobile phones, DECT cordless phone, or UMTS masts.

Floww® products resonate with the radiation and convert it into natural body frequencies. Thereby creating a subtle but distinct field that is ‘fed’ by the radiation sources. We call this field a Floww® Field.

In principle, the homeFloww® set has a range of at least 10,000 Square Feet! (or 1000 m3)

$1,399.00 USD   $1,599.00 USD

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The screenFloww® to use with your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and television. Place the screenFloww® within 10cm of the screen to create a field of natural radiation around the screen.

Screens of computers, tablets and televisions are a common source of radiation: not only when they are used, but also when they are standby. The screenFloww® has been designed specifically to create a healthy and natural environment in the vicinity of these displays.

Users of the screenFloww® experience more peace and vitality when they sit near their computer, laptop or tablet. The device, which is to be placed within a radius of 20 cm from the screen, acts as a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into a field of body natural frequencies, the so-called Floww Field®. The energy that is needed here is provided by the radiation already present in the environment: the more radiation, the more powerful the effect of screenFloww®. The field of body natural frequencies that surrounds the screen has a radius of about one meter.

$178.00 USD $194.00 USD

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The mobileFloww® for positive energy from your mobile phone. The mobileFloww® can be attached to mobile and wireless phones easily and creates a field of natural radiation around the phone.

The mobileFloww® is the smallest product in the Floww® Health Technology line. It can be applied to a mobile phone easily by means of a self-adhesive layer, preferably as close as possible to the antenna. The device is an essential addition to the homeFloww® kit and the personalFloww® because the mobile phone is a radiation source that people are generally exposed to frequently and because the distance between radiation source and user is very small here.

The mobileFloww® acts as a transformer and converts the electromagnetic radiation into a field of natural body frequencies, the so-called Floww® Field. The energy needed for this is provided by the mobile phone itself: the more radiation, the more powerful the effect of mobileFloww®. The Floww® field has a range of 50 cm around the mobile phone. Users indicate that they find making calls with a mobileFloww® attached to the phone more enjoyable and experience it as less stressful.

The mobileFloww® can also be attached to a DECT phone, again as close as possible to the antenna that receives the signal from the base station.

$49.97 USD $59.99 USD

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Is this for a man, a woman, or a child?:

Please choose who this is for!

The personalFloww® creates a healthy and natural environment around you, wherever you go. Carry the personalFloww® close to your body, for example in the pocket of a jacket or trouser, or place it under your pillow.

Especially for people who are ‘on the go’, Floww® Health Technology has developed the personalFloww®. This creates a healthy and natural environment around you, wherever you go. You can carry the personalFloww® with you in your pocket, your purse, or in your jacket. Note that the personalFloww® should always be worn on, or close to, the body.

The device works like a transformer and converts electromagnetic radiation into natural body frequencies, the so-called Floww® Field. Within this field, users experience more peace and vitality. The energy which is necessary to create this field is produced by the radiation present in the surrounding area; the more radiation there is, the more powerful the Floww® Field. At night you can place it on the bedside table or put it under your pillow.

$257.00 USD     $315.00 USD


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R. Bouma, Sneek

“Thanks to the personalFloww I now have a much clearer head. I feel less agitated. The first day I took the personalFloww with me to work, was the first day I did not have a headache. This was a significant improvement. I still experience some dizziness when I take on too much tasks. These symptoms even increased in the week after I started using Floww. Perhaps these were withdrawal symptoms? During the first two weeks I also experienced some headaches when I got up in the morning, but as soon as I started sleeping with the personalFloww under my pillow, these almost entirely disappeared.”

Edwin Wijsman

“At the office I always spend a lot of time behind my two screens. Usually, after a few hours, I could feel my energy slipping away and at the end of the day I would have dry eyes and would feel exhausted. After purchasing the personalFloww, I felt a bit ill for a few days. I was nauseous and had a flu-like feeling. According to my therapist this could be seen as a detoxification process: now that my cell communication was being restored, a lot of substances that had been trapped in my cells were coming out.  At the moment I experience a calm and relaxed feeling in my body. In general I now also have a greater sense of inner peace. Thanks to Floww, everything is fine now and I have no more complaints.”

Hans IJtema, Nieuwehorne

“Our daughter had an extreme form of eczema and suffered from insomnia because of this. A homeopath ran some tests which showed she was overexposed to radiation, which, amongst other things, was expressed in her eczema. We then bought a personalFloww and saw her skin heal within weeks. She always wears the personalFloww now and sleeps well again.”

Y Electrode


The most popular of the device attachments – this Y electrode has an 8″ handle making those hard to reach places accessible.  Works great on the face and on curved areas such as hands and feet. 

This is the tool of choice to execute the famous vagus nerve stimulation, also, revered for its cosmetic application.

Everyone serious about the use of the Avazzia should have a Y Electrode – it makes treatments so much more convenient.

Requires a Standard Leadwire to use

Y Electrode

$150.00 USD

Lead 4 pin to 2.5 mm standard plus

$15.00 USD

This is the lead that you will need to connect into a 4 pin port device and into your Y probe, pencil probe, brush, etc.