Avazzia PRO-SPORT 3 System Kit Moving Your Practice To Optimum Impact

These brilliant hand-held devices are capable of rapidly healing sports injuries, back pains, fractures, toothache, headaches and irritable bowel disease (as well as pre-menstrual tension, scalds, burns and post-surgical complications).

The Pro Sport 111 contains 53 different Algorithms and is completely programmable by the operator, using frequencies from 1/2 Hz to 1560 Hz. 

Specific programmes include frequencies for reducing inflammation, pain relief, acute injuries, vasodilation, muscle stimulation and much more.  

Solfeggio frequencies and Schumann earthing frequencies are also available with the Pro Sport 111 as well as programmes for all the chakras and meridians.

It is also possible to create individual frequencies e.g. for bone healing or ligament healing.
The Avazzia Pro Sport III System Kit contains the following:

  • Avazzia Pro Sport III device
  • Deluxe carry case
  • Y Probe
  • Comb
  • Pencil
  • Conductive pads
  • Lead wires
  • 2 AA Batteries

Avazzia BEST Pro Sport 3 System Kit

Avazzia Best Pro Sport 3 System Kit Moving Your Practice to Optimal Impact

$4,295.00 Plus Shipping and Insurance

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