Avazzia Blue OTC Device for Pain Relief

Avazzia Blue Standalone                       Avazzia Blue Super Kit

The Complete Pain Relief Solution

The Avazzia Blue™ is an advanced microcurrent neurological stimulation device that prompts the body’s natural responses to provide all-natural, drug-free, non-invasive pain relief.

Avazzia Blue™ Product Performance Specifications

This product is a portable, hand-held, battery-operated, microcurrent electro-stimulation medical device. The Avazzia Blue offers an easy-to-use microcurrent device featuring two of the effective frequencies, Blue Relax and Blue Stimulate. The simplicity of design makes it a perfect choice for patient use at home. Avazzia BEST technology uses unique output waveforms and frequencies and treatment will not be accommodated by the body. The microcurrent treatment may be administered using the onboard electrodes on the unit’s back or with accessories (purchased separately).

Device Use

Blue Relax mode is intended to be used when treating scars, inflamed or acute conditions (i.e., soreness from exercise). Blue Stimulate mode is intended to treat daily pain (tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, back pain, knee pain) by “painting” or “parking” on skin.

  • Prescription-level pain relief
  • Drug Free and non-invasive
  • Advanced neurological signals to maximize pain relief
  • Relax and Stimulate modes
  • Portable relief can be worn during many daily activities
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to use

Areas Treatable using the Avazzia Blue

Lower Back                                  Upper Back (Neck and Shoulder)

 Shoulder                                      Elbow

Wrist                                             Forearm

Knee                                              Lower Leg

Ankle                                             Foot

Sole of the Foot                           Heel

Also 6 points on the face     ->‌

Getting Started with Avazzia Blue Device

  1. Insert two double AA batteries into your Avazzia Blue device.
  2. Turn on your Avazzia Blue device.
  3. A slow flashing red LED will appear. This is the Blue Relax Mode, the default mode.
  4. To change modes, press the mode key once. The red LED will flash faster. This is the Blue Stimulate Mode.
  5. Press mode again to return to Blue Relax Mode.
  6. To increase the power press/hold the up arrow and to decrease power press/hold the down arrow


Getting Started with Avazzia Blue Device
6 points on the face to use Avazzia Blue
Avazzia Blue Standalone Pain Relief

The Avazzia Blue™   Home use Pain Relief

The Avazzia Blue™ Stand Alone $299.00   Plus Shipping and Insurance              

The Avazzia Blue™ Super Kit  Home use Pain Relief

The Avazzia Blue™ Super Kit   $595.00   Plus Shipping and Insurance