Avazzia PRO-SPORT 3 Moving Your Practice To Optimum Impact

The Avazzia Pro Sport III is without a doubt, the most advanced microcurrent technology on the market today. These devices are used by professionals such as doctors and veterinarians and is without a doubt, the most advanced microcurrent technology on the market today. Effective non-drug, non-invasive treatment of acute and chronic pain, this device is chock full of features not found anywhere else.  One of the most important facets is that the device is engineered, manufactured and serviced in the USA. It features 53 modes including 19 advanced modes and the ability to program patient specific modes. As such it is an essential piece of technology for any medical professional.

Avazzia Pro-Sport 3

BONUS: With the Avazzia Pro-Sport III

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The Pro-Sport III comes with a complimentary E-book version of the Pro-Sport III User’s Guide and TWO FREE MONTHS in the Hache Protocol Online Training community with access to tonnes of video content designed to help you master this technology and take back your life from pain. 

PRO-SPORT is an advanced microcurrent device used by professionals, including pain management specialists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, athletic trainers and other healthcare practitioners, to manage, and in some cases eliminate, pain experienced by their patients.

Moving Your Practice to Optimal Impact

  • Premier microcurrent device
  • Effective non-drug, non-invasive treatment for chronic and acute pain
  • Engineered, manufactured and serviced in the U.S.
  • 24 modes including 19 advanced modes; five modes and ability to program patient-specific modes
  • Advanced engineering allows user to control power level, pulsing action, damping, modulation and more
  • Level 1 and Level 2 training allows healthcare practitioners to learn best use practices

PRO-SPORT III Modes include:

- Relax Assess
- Blue Relax
- Modulate
- Stimulate
- Deep Stimulate
- Blue Stimulate
- Acute
- 783 Harmonics
- PG2500
- Solfeggio
- FM .5-4.0 Delta
- FM 3-8 Theta
- FM 7-12 Alpha
- FM 12-32 Beta
- FM 32-43 Gamma
- FM 60-90-120
- FM Plus
- FM Advanced
- FM Intense
- Fast T
- Slow T
- Ch Step
- Ch Rt 194
- Ch Sac 210
- Ch SolrP 126
- Ch Hrt 136
- Ch Thr 141
- Ch 3rd 221
- Ch Crn 172
- Ch 8th 272
- LU 824
- PC530
- HT497
- SI791
- TE732
- LI553
- SP702
- LR442
- KI608
- BL667
- GB583
- ST471
- Face Stim
- Face Smooth
- Eye Stim
- Eye Smooth

Advanced engineering allows the user to control power level, pulsing action, damping, modulation and more.  Level 1 to Level 3 training allows the practitioner to function at an elite level.

$3845.00  Plus Shipping and Insurance

Avazzia Pro Sport 3 System kit from Wellness and Technology UK

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