Good Succulents to Grow and Display Tips

Popular Succulents to Grow

Echeveria  Rosette-shaped, comes in a variety of colours. Needs bright light, infrequent watering. Ideal for shallow, decorative pots; can be used in arrangements with other rosette-shaped succulents.  
Aloe Vera  Thick, fleshy leaves with serrated edges. Likes bright, indirect light and water sparingly. Use in single large pots or as a focal point in a mixed arrangement.  
Haworthia  Small, rosette-shaped with patterned leaves. Tolerates low lightand infrequent watering. Great for small pots, terrariums, or windowsills.  
Jade Plant
(Crassula ovata)  
Glossy, rounded leaves. Needs bright light and minimal watering. Suitable for bonsai-style pots or large containers.  
Sedum  Varied, from trailing types to upright rosettes. Most like full sun and are drought-tolerant. Excellent for hanging baskets, rock gardens, or ground cover. Used for green or living roofs  
(Hens and Chicks)  
Rosette clusters with offsets (chicks). Likes full sun, drought-tolerant. Perfect for rock gardens, shallow bowls, or as ground cover.  
Burro’s Tail
(Sedum morganianum)  
Long, trailing stems with fleshy, blue-green leaves. Likes bright light, allow to dry between waterings. Ideal for hanging baskets or cascading over the edge of containers.  

Best Ways to Display Succulents

Single Pots

Use decorative or unique pots to showcase each succulent. Arrange on shelves, window sills, or desks for a neat, minimalist look.


 Glass containers that create a mini-garden. Use open terrariums for better airflow. Layer with rocks, activated charcoal, and succulent soil. Place in bright, indirect light or use grow type lights.

Hanging Planters

Great for trailing succulents like String of Pearls. Hang near windows or in well-lit areas.

Use macrame hangers, wire baskets, or ceramic hanging pots.

Succulent Arrangements

Combine different succulents in one container for varied textures and colours. Use wide, shallow pots or bowls. Arrange tall succulents in the centre and trailing types on the edges. Group plants with similar light and water requirements.

Vertical Gardens

Frame-mounted or pocketed planters for a wall display. Mount on walls in bright, indirect light. Ensure proper drainage and monitor for water needs.

Table Centrepieces

Low, wide containers with a mix of succulents. Place on dining tables, coffee tables, or outdoor patios. Add decorative stones, driftwood, or figurines for added interest.


Prune and shape succulents like Jade Plant or Portulacaria afra into miniature tree forms. Use shallow bonsai pots, display on shelves or tables. Regularly trim and shape to maintain the desired look.

Display Tips

Ensure your succulents receive adequate light, typically bright indirect or direct sunlight. Allow space between plants to prevent overcrowding and ensure air circulation. Always use containers with drainage holes or add a drainage layer in non-draining containers. Rotate your succulents periodically to ensure even light exposure and growth.

Adjust watering and light exposure based on seasonal changes and the specific needs of each succulent.

By selecting the right succulents and displaying them creatively, you can enhance your living space with minimal effort while enjoying the beauty and diversity these plants offer.