Why haven’t I heard of it?

In the UK Micro Current is not so well known as it is in the USA, but if you start asking around you’ll probably find you do know people or even animals that have been treated with micro current.  It’s commonly known in the UK as Scenar Therapy and the Avazzia devices you see here are the latest generation of this technology which is known as electro-medicine.

As with many therapeutic modalities that don’t fit the conventional medical model, electro-medicine was dismissed at the beginning of the 20th Century by the American Medical Association who wanted to understand why and how it worked.  So they recognised that it worked but wanted an explanation of how.  At that time it wasn’t possible to demonstrate how.

In the middle of the 20th Century after World War II, USA research funding went into pharmaceuticals which became the default mode of treating just about every medical condition and with it, the rise and rise of the pharmaceutical industry.

Thousands of miles away in the Soviet Union, however, medical research included Micro-current because they wanted a device they could take to the moon to treat themselves should they become ill.

So in the West the information about micro-current was withheld because pharmaceuticals were deemed the treatment of choice and in the East the information was withheld due to the cold war and little information coming out of the Soviet Union.