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PRO-SPORT is an advanced microcurrent device used by professionals, including pain management specialists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, athletic trainers and other healthcare practitioners, to manage, and in some cases eliminate, pain experienced by their patients.

Marian Bourne BSc (Hons), CK, CST, AMC, C.Hyp. Talks to Dr John A Hache PhD about the future of microcurrent technology and healing


Moving Your Practice To Optimal Impact

Premier Microcurrent device.
Effective non-drug, non-invasive treatment for chronic and acute pain.
53 modes including 19 advanced modes; five modes and ability to programme patient-specific modes.
Advanced engineering allows user to control the power level, pulsing action, damping, modulation and more

PRO-SPORT3 Modes include


Moving Your Practice To Optimal Impact

Pro Sport Ultra is most  suitable for practitioners  It incorporates 13 important programmes identical to those in Pro Sport 111, to reduce pain and inflammation; increase production of ATP and blood flow; Schumann frequencies for grounding and assistance with injuries.

PRO-SPORT ULTRA Modes include


The AvazziaLife is the top of the range Microcurrent device for part time Practitioners and Home Users, featuring eight microcurrent frequencies used in both the Pro Sport 111 and  the Ultra devices. It can deliver relief to pain caused by Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, CRPS, fractures, aches and pains, joint degeneration, scarring, wounds and injuries. It holds identical frequencies to Avazzia Ezzi Lift and can also be used for delivering facial treatments

AVAZZIA Life Modes include

Avazzia Med Sport Stand alone


Designed with the home user in mind, this latest device uses the same technology as the more expensive Avazzia units, the Med Sport packs a powerful punch against any kind of pain.

It provides soothing massage therapy designed for physically active people to relieve aching, sore or strained muscles and to improve body and muscle efficiency. Using the Med-Sport after exercise may shorten recovery time of strained or injured muscles.

Med Sport Modes include

Top of The Line Microcurrent Device For Home Users To Manage Pain


BEST-RSI  allow patients to manage their pain at home.

These hand-held, FDA- cleared devices are for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain.

The Avazzia RSI device has 4 modes identical to the Pro Sport 111 and Ultra Devices for treating pain and inflammation. It is ideal for home use for anyone needing to treat family or friends for general injuries and bruises.

The four modes are:


BEST-PRO 1 allows patients to manage their pain at home.

These hand-held, FDA- cleared devices are for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain.

It has 4 programmes identical to the programmes in the Pro Sport 111, demonstrating how useful and effective these programmes are for reducing pain.

The four modes are:


Pain Relief Without Drugs That works.

  • Prescription level pain relief
  • Drug Free
  • Non-Invasive
  • Simple to use – Only two modes
  • Cost Effective Pain Relief
  • Advanced neurological signals to maximise pain relief

Now available as an Over the Counter device without the need of a prescription in the USA. It has 2 modes and an accessory port for attaching lead wires to use pads or any of the electrode/probe accessories 

The two modes are:

Avazzia Accessories supplied by Health and Wellness Technology UK


There is an Excellent Range of High Quality Accessories and System Kits Available

- Y Probe:

- Pencil Electrode:

- Comb Electrode

- Pads

Cosmetic Microcurrent Devices and Kits Full List

Avazzia Ezzi-lift Stand alone


Give yourself a Microcurrent Facelift at Home

Ezzi lift is a professional microcurrent device; it stimulates the skin and affects the body in four different ways:

1  Microcurrent impulses stimulate, tone and firm selected facial muscles to achieve smoother skin, better tone and an improved, more youthful appearance.

2   It rejuvenates the face naturally by stimulating the skin’s own production of collagen and elastin.

3  By targeting specific areas of the face, it helps the lymphatic system flush unwanted cellular waste products from the body. 

4   Acupuncture points located on the face stimulate the entire body’s meridian  system giving you a real sense of relaxation and well-being.

Avazzia Ezzi-lift with Photodynamics

Ezzi-lift by Avazzia With Photodynamics

This is Ezzi lift with the added benefits of Photodynamics.

It combines therapeutic microcurrent frequencies with light wavelength therapy for advanced rejuvenation of the skin.

Research indicates that various light wavelengths support and enhance many cellular processes in the body.

Red light therapy [620nm – 700nm] has been shown to stimulate production of collagen and encourages healthy blood circulation.

Green LEDs help with  hyperpigmentation by targeting melanocytes.

Yellow and Orange [570nm to 620nm] are calming and soothing.

Avazzia BEST Ezzi-Spa System Kit

EZZI-SPA™ Facial and Rejuvenation System
The ezzi-spa™ system by Avazzia is a professional grade microcurrent device developed for facial and massage professionals to offer clients non-invasive alternatives to injections or expensive surgeries.
Ezzi-spa™ therapies can be used as independent services or combined with professional traditional spa massage, as well as facial and body treatments to give clients that extra feeling of pampering and rejuvenation.

System includes:

  ·   1 EZZI-SPA System
  ·   2 Y-tools
  ·   1 pencil (not shown)
  ·   4 LW-2T-250 lead wires for electrodes
  ·   10 packages of four 2×2 self-adhesive, conductive pads
  ·   4 LW-2T-RB lead wires for pads
  ·   1 wall charger for the internal rechargeable batteries

What is MicroCurrent?     Why haven’t I heard about it? 

Microcurrent refers to the waves of electric current that our own cells generate. The current or frequency is so small that it is measured in one millionth of an amp; this electricity is so faint that it cannot be consciously felt.

Microcurrent therapy was developed in Russia for the space programme. They wanted a device they could take with them that they could use to treat themselves with.

How does Micro-Current heal?

When you use a Microcurrent  device, it has a slightly higher power level and it applies electrical impulses that mirror the same currents your own cells naturally produce; it interrupts the inflammatory process that causes pain and provides energy for the cells themselves to heal so it speeds up the body’s own natural healing process.

When you have an injury the affected tissue takes on a different vibration, it goes ‘out of tune’.  Microcurrent therapy matches and then re-tunes the frequency of the damaged tissue, to restore it to normal homeostasis.  It reduces inflammation and increases cellular activity and regeneration by increasing the production of ATP.

Can it be used on any age?

YES, the younger you are, the more healthy the cells are in general and the easier they are to re-tune and repair.

The older you are, the more likely you are to be dehydrated which can create problems and the more likely it is that you have circulation issues that need to be addressed.

We Also Have Your Pets Covered

Microcurrent for Animals

BEST-Vet and BEST-Vet PRO give Veterinarians a way to treat pain and soreness without Drugs or Surgery.
Using microcurrent specifically designed for animals’ sensitive systems, BEST-Vet products ofer soothing massage. Stimulating animals own healing resources may improve the wellbeing and performance of Pets, Livestock and Competition animals

Relieves chronic pain
Soothes acute pain
Helps with muscle soreness
improves range of motion
Gentle massage helps sense of wellbeing

Natural Pain Management Tools For Your Natural Active Life